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CS-HAI 4X4 Hi-Fi 2 4-Zone

The CS-HAI 4X4 Hi-Fi 2 4-Zone audio system provides the ability for users to have complete control over the audio distribution in their home. When users connect A/V sources to the Hi-Fi 4-zone controller they gain the ability to interact with and distribute audio throughout their home, seamlessly. Users can interact with the 4-Zone audio controller through the included 4 Volume Source Controls (VSCs) or by using the free iOS app for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. An in-wall touchscreen can also be integrated into a Leviton automation system.

Control your homeís audio

The CS-HAI 4X4 Hi-Fi 2 4-Zone comes with the devices needed to accommodate 4 sources of audio input, with the ability to expand to control 8 audio zones. Audio Sources can be connected directly to your 4-Zone amplifier using a 3.5 mm audio cable (great for audio racks/closets) or through the Hi-Fi 2ís remote interface modules using Cat5 (internet) cable, allowing you to share music regardless of where it lives. Once devices are connected, users then distribute audio through in-wall or in-ceiling speakers connected to the Hi-Fi 2 network and control the audio easily with the included Volume Source Controls or the free iOS app.

Remote interface Modules (RIM)

The CS-HAI 4X4 2 4-Zone package contains 2 remote interface modules (RIMs). Connecting a RIM to your Hi-Fi 2 network, through Cat 5 cable, enables users to easily add audio components using a standard 3.5mm audio cable. In addition, RIMs can also serve as your audio distribution points. Using the 3.5mm audio cable any audio distributor (televisions, receivers, disc changers, computers, etc.) can be connected to your Hi-Fi 2 network. Up to four Remote Input Modules can be connected to the 95A00-3 (two are included). Optional Bluetooth Remote Input Modules can be used to share streaming or stored music on a smartphone or tablet.

Volume Source Control (VSC)

The CS-HAI 4X4 2 4-Zone package also contains 4 Volume Source Control modules (VSCs). This unit serves as a remote dashboard allowing users to control volume, power, source, and audio settings (bass, treble, balance, etc.). The VSC connects with your Hi-Fi 2 network through the use of a Cat5 cable and comes with a wireless remote to conveniently control your audio system. The OLED screen on the VSC gives a clear display for selecting your audio source and navigating your audio options. The VSC was designed to give users all the functionality of a larger in-wall touch screen display and deliver it in a more convenient way that can be discreetly mounted in a single gang enclosure.

Expandable Control

The Hi-Fi 2 4-Zone can be expanded to 16 zones with the optional Expansion Amplifier Kit. Additionally, CS-HAI 4X4 2 Bluetooth Remote Input Modules (BRIMs) (Not Included) allow wireless music sharing from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. When connected to a Leviton automation system, you add the ability to schedule your audio based on time or activity. Users could automatically turn the outdoor audio down to 20% after 10PM, or wake up to news radio every morning at 6AM.

What's in the Box

The CS-HAI 4X4 Hi-Fi 2 4-Zone incudes: 1 Hi-Fi 2 4 Zone controller with enclosure, 1 Hi-Fi 2 amplifier (built into the distribution board), 2 Remote Input Modules (RIM), 4 Volume Source Control unit (VSC), 1 wireless controller for operating VSC unit, and 1 external power supply.


Use the free app to control your home's audio
with any iOS app enabled deveice.

CS-HAI 4X4 Hi-Fi 2 4-Zone at a Glance:

         Share every audio source with up to 4 rooms using built-in speakers (not included)

         VSCs and RIMs make connecting and controlling audio convenient and neat

         Integrate with an automation system for more control

         Turn any iOS device into an inclusive audio controller.

Product Description

The Hi-Fi 2 is HAI by Leviton's all new distributed audio system. With 4 zones, 4 sources and an all new keypad with OLED display, the Hi-Fi 2 is perfect for today's demanding homeowners. The powerful yet compact Hi-Fi 2 plays music from devices you already own (or those you wish to purchase) and is so easy to operate that anyone can enjoy it. With Hi-Fi 2, you have the ability to listen to different sources at the same time at different volume levels throughout your home or set all zones to the same source and volume. Audio sources can now be located throughout the house using Remote Input Modules or locally inputted at the Hi-Fi 2 amplifier, including iPods, home theater systems, computers and more. Hi-Fi by HAI's components are modular, giving flexibility for expansion as needs change. The base system provides 4 zones and 4 sources. Hi-Fi by HAI by Leviton may be a stand-alone installation or may be integrated with an HAI by Leviton home control system for enhanced features including control from an iPhone or iPad. Variable line out amplification outputs are available for zones 1 and 4 (in addition to the built-in amps) as well as page/mute and system on jacks. Standard Cat-5 wiring is used to connect the digital amplifier with VSC's and RIM's. Standard speaker wire is used to connect speakers with the digital amplifier. The terminals on the Hi-Fi board are designed for 16 gauge wire and either 16 gauge or 14 gauge wire may be used. HAI by Leviton recommends either 6 ohm or 8 ohm speakers with Hi-Fi 2. Includes Hi-Fi Main Board Assembly in an Enclosure. Also comes with remote control, 2 Remote Input Modules (RIM), 4 OLED Volume-Source Controls (VSC) and a cable for an HAI by Leviton Omni Home Control System or Lumina Lighting Control System.



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